Kyle Farms: a Local Agricultural Entity in the Genesee Valley, Western NYS

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Their new website is
In December 2012 this post appeared on their Local Harvest Blog:
December 2, 2012 @ 7:36pm
About Our New Website Address
I want to apologize to anyone who may have tried to visit our old website at kylefarmsnys .com due to an old e-mail address on file with our domain source, we lost our .com and are now located at
New web design as well!
Check us out!

As the new owner of Kyle Farms old domain I have intentionally recreated this page from their old site's archived pages. Just because they lost this domain doesn't mean that it should disappear from the web or re-purposed for a site that has nothing to do with Kyle Farms. So if you should come upon this site looking for a quality all natural lamb outlet in Western NYS go to their new website to purchase. Bon Appetit!

When we lived in the Avon area we would take our kids out to the farm to look at the sheep. Baby lambs are so cute. Of course when the kids were really little we didn't mention that the delicious lamb chops we had for dinner were once those little lambs. On the mantle in my study I have a picture of us all wearing Batman t-shirts. It was a early summer visit when the lambs were out in the pastures. We look like a Batman fan club, which I suppose in a way we are. We have seen all the Batman movies and must have about two dozen or more Batman t-shirts. When the laundry was hung out on the line, we would get comments from our neighbors. "Oh, I see you have a new Batman t-shirt. How many is that now?"

We now live in Manhattan and the kids are now in college. The other day I was looking through our photos and came across a number of pics from our visits to Kyle Farms. Our lives are so much different from those who work the farm. We started an online business so we're always at the desk, although I miss being outside. And instead of farm hands, we hire experts like Bob Sakayama, CEO of the legendary SEO outfit TNG/Earthling, who can help our business rank in Google from across the country. They often work from the Caribbean. All their writers, photographers, researchers and developers all work remotely, so absolutely everything happens in cyberspace via connected computers. I got interrupted from my picture viewing by a conference call. Later in the evening we returned to look at the Kyle Farms pics among others. It was a pleasant way to spend the evening. Both cats curled up in our laps while we scanned through the pics. On a computer.

Thanks Kyle Farms for the memories.

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About Kyle Farms

Kyle Farms is currently owned and operated in the Genesee Valley by brothers Matthew and David Kyle, and their cousin Nathan Hatch.  The farm was founded by Matt and David's parents David and Jeanne Kyle over 35 years ago.

All the forages fed to our ewes and lambs are harvested by the farm locally. The lambs nurse from the ewes on lush, green pastures. Lambs are finished on locally grown and harvested grains to provide the best nutrition possible for their growth and development.  This ensures a quality lamb for your table.

The farm's Border Collie, Pete, makes working the flock much easier and assists with sorting, moving, and collecting the flock.


PDF of Article About...

Kyle Farms: Raising sheep in the Genesee Valley


Owned and Operated by

Matt Kyle

David Kyle

Nate Hatch


Why Lamb?

Buying local lamb helps support your local economy, your local farmers, and is a healthy animal protein source.

American lamb is a prime source of high-quality protein, most B vitamins, zinc and iron as well as other vitamins and minerals.  It's also a good choice for those who count calories.  Just a few of the cuts that contain less than 200 calories per 3-ounce cooked serving include:

  • 162 calories: leg, sirloin, roasted
  • 153 calories: leg shank half, roasted
  • 153 calories: shoulder, arm, braised
  • 189 calories: cubed meat for stew or kabob, braised

Compared to other meats, lamb contains very little fat marbling throughout the meat.  With most fat limited to the outside edges, it's easily trimmed.  That means fewer calories--only 176 in an average 3-ounce serving.  A recent study also shows that only about 36% of the fat in lamb is saturated.  The rest is mono-unsaturated or polyunsaturated, the "good" fat in one's diet.

Compliments of the American Lamb Board

Why Local?

Purchasing lambs from Kyle Farms is supporting a local agricultural entity.  Kyle Farms is a family owned and operated farm, that relies on community support to maintain their ties to agriculture.  Sheep are grazed on leased pastures that are shared with the Genesee Valley Hunt Club, and used to continue the Hunt traditions of the area.


Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb

Posted by Anne on November 18, 2009

Kyle Farms' goal is to produce a quality all natural lamb for the consumers of Western New York. 

Kyle Farms Lamb is guaranteed:
-To have been raised on pasture and mother's milk
-No growth stimulants or artificial hormones
-Fed a 100% Vegetarian diet from birth to harvest

We strive to provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for our lambs from birth to table!

We Guarantee

Posted by Admin on December 1, 2009

-To have been raised on pasture and mother's milk
-No growth stimulants or artificial hormones
-Fed a 100% Vegetarian diet from birth to harvest


Post:Now taking orders for 2009 Fall Lamb!


October 27, 2009 @ 8:51am

Last Chance for Fall Lamb Orders

This week will be the last week to order a whole or half share of Kyle Farms all natural lamb.  We will be processing our lambs for November 14th, and need to make sure that we will have enough all naturally raised lambs to fill our orders.  The lambs are growing really well and coming along quite nicely.

Their mother's out on one of our larger pastures are demonstrating how good they are at finding fence defects for us.  One side of the pasture is bordered by a stream and the ewes find ways under the fence alongside the stream and wander into which ever other pasture they feel like.  Many afternoons/evenings recently have involved phone calls about seeing ewes in pastures that should have been empty and going and moving them back.  They're quite aware of where they should be and as soon as the dog shows up collecting them into a group they head back through whatever hole they found (a new one every time of course).  In a few of the attached pastures its easier to just pretend its one large pasture because they'll go back and forth through the day and by the time you get there to move them, they've moved themselves back to the correct spot.

All Natural Lamb

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

Our lambs are born and raised here in the Genesee Valley in fields and barns owned and leased by Kyle Farms, just minutes from Rochester and Geneseo, New York.  Buying our lambs lets you cut out the middleman, knowing that your lamb has been treated humanely and with respect from pasture to table.  Kyle Farms Lamb fits perfectly into the 100-Mile Diet and buying Locally Grown!

Fresh "Country" Air

We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the growth and development of our all natural lamb.  These lambs and their mothers are housed on grass with unlimited access to fresh, clean water to take advantage of the nutritious pastures of the Genesee Valley.


Raising our lambs in open air on clean, dry pastures allows us to produce healthy lambs without the use of antibiotics or artificial hormones.  This guarantees that there is no risk of antibiotic residues in the lamb you purchase from Kyle Farms.

Grass Fed Lamb

The lambs are born on lush green pastures and thrive on their mother's milk and nutritious grass until weaning.  They are then moved to separate pastures and fed grass, grass hays and locally raised grains to finish them for your cooking needs.

Post: Fall Lamb Order Closed

Posted by Admin on November 14, 2009
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Fall lamb is ready for pick up today, Saturday, Nov 14th!  Pick up will be from 9-12 in Rush, NY.  Lambs are packaged and freezer ready.

Go Green!  Decrease fuel usage and support the local economy by purchasing locally grown foods.  Kyle Farms lamb is all natural, tender, flavorful lamb, produced right here in upstate New York.

2008 All Natural Lamb Sales

Kyle Farms is proud to offer all natural lamb for sale as whole or half lambs

What You Receive

  • -A whole lamb that weighs 90-110 pounds and provides 50-60 pounds of meat
  • -Or... half a lamb which provides 25-30 pounds of meat
  • -Meat will be freezer ready and cut to your specifications at the time of pickup.
  • -Recipes and cooking tips
  • -A healthy food choice for you, your family, and your community


  • $250 for a whole lamb
  • $150 for a half lamb
  • This includes cutting and wrapping

Deposit is due at time of order to partially cover the cost of producing your lamb.

  • Whole lamb - $100 deposit
  • Half lamb - $50 deposit

How to Order

  • Fill out the "Sign Me Up" form and click Submit or Print and send to Kyle Farms along with your deposit
  • You will be notified via mail or e-mail on receipt of your order
  • You will then receive more information to determine what cuts will fit your cooking needs: Christmas dinner, Easter dinner, BBQ's, etc.


  • Lamb orders will be taken May 1st through the end of October and a deposit is due at the time of order
  • Your lamb will be available for pick up in early November

Spring Lamb Available!

Posted by Admin on December 1, 2009

We will now be offering Spring lamb in whole and half lambs to be available mid-late April.

2010 Spring Lamb!

 “Spring lambs are now available in whole shares for $300 and half shares for $175.”

What You Receive:

  1. A whole lamb that provides 25-40lbs of meat.
  2. Or.....A half lamb that provides 15-25lbs of meat.
  3. A healthy food choice for you, your family, and your community!

How to Order our All Natural Lamb

  • Place your order through our online Order Form
  • Select how you would like your lamb cut and processed
  • Whole Lamb $300; Half Lamb $175
  • Payment due at time of order.  Checks may be made out to Kyle Farms.

Our lambs are raised on pasture as the season allows and housed in protected barns during the harsh winter months here in Western NY.